17 Oct

SightLine 2017 Conference

  • Time(s): 11:00 AM

Collaborate at New York's Most Exciting IT Conference

Innovators see the world differently. Where others see chaos and clutter, innovators see context and clarity. Join hundreds of IT professionals, business executives, and futurists who are shaping tomorrow’s technology today. At the annual SightLine conference, we’ll not only see into the future, we’ll help create it.

Over the past four decades, technological innovation has exploded and redefined the way people work, learn, and live. With every new tool and trend that’s emerged, Annese has been there at the forefront of the industry—embracing and adapting to change while actively preparing for what’s next.

The SightLine conference exemplifies all that Annese stands for—our commitment to innovation, our focus on thought leadership, and our passion for making connections. We are bringing together the industry’s leading IT minds and our own subject-matter experts for innovative breakouts, an inspiring keynote, unique networking opportunities, hands-on workshops, and so much more. Don’t miss the most exciting technology conference of the year.

We can't wait to see you there! 

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